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Shivani Jobanputra was raised in Uganda and then went to London for her further education at King’s College London. She has always been passionate about education as that is the key to empower the youth of today to strive for their dreams and achieve economic independence. She is also very motivated to see higher representation of women in tech jobs, as currently only 2% of 720,000 developers (2021) in Africa are women.

“Our vision at Eduskill is to transform the future of Africa, to create 500,000 job opportunities by 2035 for our youth in the jobs of the future, that require technology skil-sets and to inspire the next generation of African leaders. It is so critical today to continuously up-skill ourselves so we remain competitive in the global employment markets. Africa is the next frontier of growth where we will see a huge demand for tech talent”

- Shivani Jobanputra


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What we believe

Our Mission

To provide the youth with the skill-sets required to succeed in the digital age.

We Are Always Learning

We believe in efforts and creativity and continuous learning to reach the future dream and we strive to become a better version of ourselves by adding new cutting-edge technologies to our ecosystem both within and beyond the workplace.

Our Vision

We keep our student success as our first priority and want to transform the lives of 50,000 youth by 2030.

Our Core Team

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Digital Skills Traning for the 21st Century

Digital Skills Training company for tech skills relevant to the 4th Industrial revolution. Eduskill is an African leading company in digital skills training, empowering businesses, brands and individuals to succeed in the digital age. We act as a support system, coach, and cheerleader for working professionals who are ready to level up or make a major career shift. Our one-size-fits-one approach combines a bleeding-edge curriculum with expert mentors, career coaches, and student advisors, who provide an individualized and personalized learning experience. We give our students everything they need to fuel their progress, and hold them accountable for their dreams.

Digital Transformation for Organizations

Since 2021, Eduskill has worked with large organisations in providing corporate training in digital skill-sets, to empower teams as organisations are digitally transforming.

Our Eduskill Team is Growing!

In a world where lifelong learning is the new imperative, we have the opportunity to empower millions to unlock their future potential. Ready to join us?
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