• How much is the course fee?
    Our course fees are from UGX 1 Millon to UGX 6.5 Million with a get financing option, or you can pay upfront from UGX 1 Millon to UGX 5.5 Millon.
  • What is the minimum salary I will get placed at?
    Minimum package from UGX 700k to UGX 1.5 million per Month.
  • I am not from Computer Science Field. Am I eligible?
    Yes, any final-year university student or a working professional that wishes to get into computer programming, Data analytics and is willing to work diligently can join our course. No matter what your degree, graduation percentage or career is, all students are welcome!
  • Can I do this part-time? What are the timings?
    Yes, Our live online classes are between 5 - 8 pm East African Time. We also do offline sessions one Saturday a month in Kampala.
  • What if I decide not to continue the course?
    Once the program begins there will be a penalty for dropouts.
  • When do the placement drives start?
    From 15 days to 4 months into the different course, we will start introducing your CVs to the HR departments of companies.
  • How many mocks/ mentorship sessions will I get?
    You can take as many mentorship sessions as you would like till you feel that you are better prepared for your new career. You have to specifically request for mentorship, it is not offered to all only those that request it.
  • Will I be placed in Uganda?
    You can be placed in Uganda or even have access to global opportunities once you have completed your course, based on availability and performance.
  • What if I do not get a job placement post the course?
    For 1 to 6 months post the course we will work on opportunities for your placement.
  • What is the age bracket for students?
    18 Years + so they can legally work post the course.
  • What do I need to be a part of the course, apart from clearing the examination?
    1. Electricity
    2. Internet
    3. Laptop with Camera and Microphone
  • Is the course online or in person?
    As of now, the course is online and we do a few sessions through the 30 days to 6 months period in person.